Watercolor brush purchase guide

Material of pen bristles

The brush hair is the most important part of a watercolor pen.

Watercolor brush hair needs strong water storage and elasticity, and the degree of front gathering is also very important.

According to this standard, the order of brush hairs from good to bad is as follows:

(at the same time, the price is also from high to low)

Mink hair > squirrel hair > other animal hair (such as wool, wolf hair, etc.) > artificial fiber hair

Brush function

It is usually divided into coloring pen, line drawing pen and background pen (these names are taken by myself, just as the name suggests).

Coloring pen:

That is, the pen normally used for coloring is the most commonly used in the painting process.

And it often needs to be used together at the same time. Beginners can buy about three first.

Tick pen:

That is, the pen used to draw thin lines.

Basically, having one is enough, which requires strong front gathering ability.

Remember not to buy a very thin pen that looks like only a few hairs. Beginners will mistakenly think it will be easy to control. In fact, the water storage is very poor. There is no water before half a line is drawn.

The best thing is to have a fat pen belly to store water. At the same time, the pen tip is very sharp. Such a line drawing pen is the best.

Background pen:

That is, the pen used to draw the halo dyeing of a large area of background.

For those with strong water storage capacity and large size, beginners can buy one first.

Travel pen:

That is, the pen you can take out when you travel is not necessary.

Here is mainly about the fountain pen. This kind of pen has a water storage part on its ass. when it is used, it can squeeze out the water, so there is no need to prepare another glass of water.

Brush size

When buying a pen, the number will be size sensitive, but the actual size of the corresponding number of different brands and series is different, so the actual size shall prevail when buying.

Generally speaking, if you draw a 16K picture, the length of the brush tip used by the upper color pen can be about 1.5 to 2.0cm; The background pen can be larger, ranging from 2.0 to 2.5cm.

Shape of pen head

The most common pen heads are generally divided into round head and square head.

If we draw illustration, we can use round head, which is the most convenient and commonly used shape;

Fangtou is more used in watercolor scenery.

In addition, there are some strange shapes, which are rarely used, so I won't repeat them

Maintenance method

1. After painting, wash and dry the pen in time. Remember not to soak the pen in water for a long time, otherwise the pen head may fall out and the pen holder may crack

2. The pen you just bought may have a cover to protect the pen head, but after you get it, the cover can be thrown away. Don't cover the cover again after painting, it will damage the brush hair.

Post time: Aug-02-2021


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