Selection Method And Precautions Of Easel

First, choose from the period of use.

It is not required to have a long service life for short-term use. For example, it is not convenient for students to buy easels and leave after graduation. Advertising companies exhibit the same place, sometimes only once. Then use light and simple styles such as pine. It doesn't need to be too heavy. It's very cheap.

If you want to use it for a long time, or you can send it to your younger brothers and sisters in the next grade after using it, you can buy a hard miscellaneous Wood Easel such as beech and elm, which is more solid and has a long service life.

Secondly, choose from the functions used.

The sketch frame is generally a three legged back support frame . Our company also has a four legged frame with drawers, which is also very affordable and can be used for sketch creation ;

Oil painting needs to lean forward. Generally, it has a relatively wide chassis and is equipped with universal wheels ; However, there is also a model that can lean forward in the three legged rear support easel , which is a rare low-end easel that can be used for both sketch and oil painting;

Traditional Chinese painting and watercolor need shelves that can be laid flat. We once had users for traditional Chinese painting who do not need to be laid flat. His cervical spine is not very comfortable and he can't bow his head for painting for too long, so he chose oil painting shelves to draw traditional Chinese painting.

Moreover, choose from the environment you use.

Most of the indoor shelves are tall, heavy and stable. They are mostly equipped with universal wheels to keep a small range of indoor movement; Most of the shelves used for outdoor sketching have good folding effect. In the past, most of them used painting boxes, including watercolor and toner painting. Some netizens once said that watercolor has no good shelf when going out, and then close the cover of the painting box and draw on the cover. However, now there is a professional multi-functional easel for outdoor sketching . The folding effect is quite good, including traditional Chinese painting, watercolor and sketch, Oil painting can be used.

Post time: Aug-02-2021


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