• Watercolor brush purchase guide

    Watercolor brush purchase guide

    Material of pen bristles The brush hair is the most important part of a watercolor pen. Watercolor brush hair needs strong water storage and elasticity, and the degree of front gathering is also very important. According to this standard, the order of brush h...
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  • Selection Method And Precautions Of Easel

    Selection Method And Precautions Of Easel

    First, choose from the period of use. It is not required to have a long service life for short-term use. For example, it is not convenient for students to buy easels and leave after graduation. Advertising companies exhibit the same place, sometimes only once. ...
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  • Meeden recently launched new package

    Meeden recently launched new package

    In response to the needs of customers, meeden company, while meeting the diversified needs of customers, adheres to the concept of environmental protection, and has launched a variety of packages with high quality and low price. ...
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  • ARTNEWS website recommendation list

    ARTNEWS website recommendation list

    Founded in 1902, ARTNEWS is the world's oldest art magazine with the largest circulation. It has 180,000 readers in 124 countries, including collectors, dealers, historians, artists, museum curators, curators, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts. It is published six times a ye...
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  • About Meeden Art Supply

    About Meeden Art Supply

    Meeden Art Supply is located in BeiJing, China. We can be reached by phone at +860163722281 Hours Meeden Art Supply online shop is open 24 hours per day and 7days a week. We will be able to tackle any problems wi...
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